working normality

Bring Back Normality Of “Going To Work”

Has the novelty of working from home worn off? The Enterprise Hub Glenrothes and other similar workspace companies can bring that normality of ‘going to work’ back into your life! They have affordable office space ready for you!

They offer affordable workspace for those who require either flexible desk space or offices. In addition, the hub offers access to a full support
network to get your business growing.

Workspace is designed to provide enterprising individuals, start-ups with growth aspirations and growing businesses access to a unique facility which encourages collaboration, networking and business growth.

This flexible workspace offers modern, professional and affordable offices together with state-of-the-art events space, easily accessible co-working areas and private meeting rooms.

Since covid-19, finding a new kind of ‘normal’ away from home working or commuting have become increasingly important, as well as sourcing an alternative meeting venue or cost-effective office space.

Offered are physically distanced and fully sanitised meeting and training space.

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